Airfreight is fast-moving, challenging and constantly changing – it′s the nature of the business. Around the globe capacity and demand can change in the blink of an eye so it′s essential to have a partner who provides stability and reliability to maintain your supply chain′s total integrity. Whether your shipments fly in the bellies of commercial planes or require specialist freighter aircraft to move them, ORCO Logistics GROUP can provide tailor-made solutions for your all your airfreight.

AORCO Logistics GROUP is one of the largest air freight transportation providers in the world, offering a full and comprehensive package of premium, value-added services and specialist products all of which are specifically tailor-made for you. Across our worldwide network you can choose the service which best suits your needs. From Alaska to Zanzibar and everywhere in between, your local ORCO Logistics GROUP airfreight expert is just a click or a call away.

AAnd, regardless of the size of your business, our dedicated implementation teams will ensure a smooth and quick introduction to our systems while with ORCO Logistics GROUP Trak you will always be up-to-date on the current status of your shipments.

Call or email us today to request a call from one of our sales colleagues to create new opportunities for your air freight supply chain and benefit from our vast experience in air freight forwarding.

Our services:

Air Charter

When ‚impossible‚ is not acceptable

ORCO Logistics GROUP′s dedicated in-house charter service is unique in the forwarding industry. We take on those challenges others might consider impossible. We take maximum care of all requests which are outside the ‚usual‚ airfreight parameters. Too big for regular aircraft, then let our charter team come up with a workable solution.

No space is available in the market? Talk to our charter team and see how they think outside the box to remove all obstacles and fly the cargo you want to the destination in the given time frame. Our global 24/7 coverage and the ability to offer all aircraft sizes means we make sure that you will always be offered the best transportation solution available.

Air Now

Speed at its best

Air Now is the expedited, at once service for those shipments that not only have a fixed due date and transit time, but where they need collecting as fast as possible and moving out on the first available flight.

Air Premium

This is what air freight was invented for

Our standard air freight service: reliable, safe and fast. Air Premium is the right service for those shipments that have a tight due date schedule and need a time-definite delivery at final destination - worldwide. The transit time of between 48 and 96 hours ensures that you will receive your shipment ′just-in-time′.

Air Value

Air Freight does not need to be expensive

Our standard consolidation service takes care of all your shipping requirements requiring the speed and safety of air freight, but where you are still flexible in terms of their end to end transit time. A minimum transit time of 96 hours ensures that you can combine fast transportation with the flexibility of a highly competitive cost option.

On Board Courier

When everything else is just not enough

ORCO Logistics GROUP′s dedicated On-Board Courier department and its expert staff provide full support for your critical and high-value shipments. With the maximum of care, dedication and speed, even when all traditional solutions are not available, our team will find the perfect solution for urgent shipment. Our highly professional team is ready to pick up your cargo with guaranteed, immediate attention and a global 24/7 coverage.

Value Added Services

Our value added services for Air Freight include Customs Brokerage and Cargo Security.

Customs Brokerage

ORCO Logistics GROUP's customs clearance operation is one of the most extensive and experienced in the logistics industry. Around the globe, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of regulatory compliance services, led by our highly compliant and well respected import customs brokerage services. Our expert teams and advanced systems ensure that the necessary government declarations are completed accurately and on time for your import and export shipments so that we minimize the risks associated with moving freight across international borders.

As a licensed customs broker, we recognize our obligation to act responsibly on behalf of our customers in our declarations to government agencies. ORCO Logistics GROUP's brokerage team will facilitate the smooth and timely movement of your merchandise through current and future government reporting requirements. This attention to detail and our progressive approach to customer service deliver valuable competitive advantage to your global supply chain.


At ORCO Logistics GROUP we believe that security is a fundamental characteristic of successful supply chains. We are committed to a clear, proactive approach to security and have invested substantially in secure facilities, vehicles and freight handling policies.

With our rigorous security policy, you can expect:

  • A dedicated security team
  • Reduced product losses
  • Fewer claims
  • Trained employees and drivers
  • Better communications
  • Customs operations

ORCO Logistics GROUP complies to industrial security standards such as the Technology Asset Protection Association (TAPA). We were the first freight forwarder to be certified by TAPA. We are advanced in the C-TPAT Customs approval process and we were one of the first forwarders to be approved by US Customs for Electronic Automated Manifest entry.